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Living Joyfully in a Disabled Bodymind

Learn to meet yourself where you are, define what living joyfully means to you, set realistic goals and intentions, choose how to respond and adapt to life's circumstances, learn crip hacks, self-advocacy guidelines, how to navigate the ableist world skillfully, and more.

Life contains pain.  Suffering is optional.

Mindfulness Practices

Discover the joy of formal and informal mindfulness practices.  From taking a single breath, 30 second Sanity Breaks, body scans, chosen anchor meditations, inner tea dates and activities, allow and trust yourself to be curious, open, accepting and loving.  Learn to cultivate and create your own daily practice and sacred rituals.

Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally [sometimes adding] in the service of self-understanding and wisdom.

~Jon Kabat-Zinn

Embodying the Present Moment

Welcome to the magical moment called now, the only moment we truly have.  Embodying can happen through any of the 5 koshas, the external environment, or any plane of existence that resonates.  Learn to be present, feel present, and if possible, stay present with your circumstances and experiences.

Intrinsic Health

The innate goodness in ourselves that is always available to us, wherever we are in our journeys.  Also called intrinsic sanity, my interpretation combines the 5 koshas and 3 brain levels (hind "lizard" brain, cortex "mammalian" brain, neocortex "thinking" brain).  As long as we are alive, there is more innate goodness and health in us than dis-ease.  Learn to define and connect with your intrinsic health, where disability and wellness coexist.

Nervous System Education & Hacks

Learn the basics of the nervous system, neuroplasticity, and Dan Siegel's hand model of the brain.  Recognize your own patterns, states and traits, and apply practical tools and toys to keep you in your evolving window of capacity.

Dismantling Ableism

Ableism dictates that to be a "good" person we must contribute to white supremacist, capitalist consumerism and if not we are deficient and not enough.  I offer mental and emotional support to unpack these lies, as we continue navigating and dismantling ableism.  Shift the story from what you do and accomplish to who you are.  Tune into your access needs, find your voice and ask for your needs to be met, receive care with grace, and negotiate conflicting access needs to mutual satisfaction.  Find your balance of independence and interdependence.  


My Approach

I have a deep reverence for all life and a love of learning and sharing.  My approach is one of compassionate exchange, listening and speaking from the heart, honouring the internal and external landscapes of our experiences, being in alignment (acceptance) with present conditions, drawing from Buddhist, Taoist and yoga philosophies and values; setting, discussing, and respecting boundaries; with an open and honest curiosity to what arises.  I strive to take a decolonial intersectional approach, creating safer, more accessible spaces, with a focus on harm reduction and normalizing experiences, with support from the 4 invitations of integration (be still, be curious, be kind, be honest).

I deeply believe we are all the best experts on ourselves. In my client-centered practice, you set the pace, create intentions/ goals and name the focus of our sessions together.  I am here to support you and your well-being unconditionally, without attachment to outcome, fixing or saving you.

I offer my spacious self, with sessions that emphasize compassionately holding space and integration, and can include guided meditation, embodied practices, re- and self-defining healing and self-care, safety planning, reiki, suggesting practical tools, toys & resources as requested, discussing intrinsic health, nervous system education and hacks, permission to be our authentic selves, and explore our innate worthiness.

Tears and laughter are always welcome!

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