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An Anna's Hummingbird feeds from an ironwood tree flower on a sunny summer afternoon in the desert.  Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash

Graceful Coaching

Crip Doula ~ Facilitator ~ Integration Coach


Welcome to the sacred art of radical, devotional self-care.  I offer coaching and facilitation from a compassionate, trauma-informed landscape, providing clients with a landing place to heal by embracing the innate worthiness inside us all.  Come explore, learn, play and integrate day to day life and transformations!

Areas of Expertise

Living Joyfully in a Disabled Bodymind, Mindfulness Practices, Embodying the Present Moment, Intrinsic Health, Nervous System Education & Hacks, Navigating the Ableist World

Flowers on grey background. Photo by Magda Lukas on Unsplash
Sliding scale coaching
Free monthly 2 hour drop-in pain group

We are not alone and all it takes sometimes is for us to get together and look at each other to know that we are all okay.

~Conversations with a Rattlesnake: Raw and honest reflections on healing and trauma by Theo Fleury and Kim Barthel

My pillars of joyful living and wellbeing

  • Creative play (journaling, movement, drawing, embodiment, etc.)

  • Recognize and integrate resources

  • Connection (through nature, loved ones, passions, etc.)

  • Sacred rituals and daily practice(s)

  • Balance the 8 areas of life

  • Honour transitions

  • Acknowledge, feel, name, and nurture what is experienced

  • Create and honour a spectrum of honest boundaries

My Approach

I have a deep reverence for all life and a love of learning and sharing.  My approach is one of compassionate exchange, listening and speaking from the heart, honouring the internal and external landscapes of our experiences, being in alignment (acceptance) with present conditions, drawing from Buddhist, Taoist and yoga philosophies and values; setting, discussing, and respecting boundaries; with an open and honest curiosity to what arises.  I strive to take a decolonial intersectional approach, creating safer, more accessible spaces, with a focus on harm reduction and normalizing experiences.

I deeply believe we are all the best experts on ourselves. In my client-centered practice, you set the pace, create intentions/ goals and name the focus of our sessions together.  I am here to support you unconditionally, without attachment to outcome, fixing or saving you.

I offer my spacious self, with sessions that can include guided meditations, embodied practices, holding space, re- and self-defining healing and self-care, safety planning, reiki, suggesting practical tools, toys & resources as requested, discussing intrinsic health, nervous system education and hacks, permission to be our authentic selves, and explore our innate worthiness.

Tears and laughter are always welcome!

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